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The truth about Polymeric Sand

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The conversation around polymeric sand is one of the most important parts of your project behind its drainage and base.  Polymeric sand allows for proper drainage over your pavers while allowing for a small amount of water to penetrate the ground. Additionally, it allows a patio to “breathe” and move with freeze and thaw cycles. 


Polymeric sand has made many innovations in the last 20 years regarding durability, haze and lasting power of the product. Many polymeric sands have a 15-year warranty on the product itself.  It is available in a variety of colors to add to the design of your outdoor space. 

Depending on the design of your patio, another filler for permeable pavers like polymeric stone dust or polymeric pea stone may be more appropriate.  Polymeric stone dust can be used on joints up to 3 inches wide as opposed to polymeric sand, which is used for joints up to 1 inch.  The ability to use a product for larger joints can lead to greater selections for your solider course, sailor course, border and banding without compromising aspects of your design. 


Proper installation of polymeric sand is essential to its effectiveness.  The sand is swept into the cracks of the patio as best as possible, leaving a heavy coating on top.  The patio is then plate compacted and then sand is swept in again. Finally the patio is sprayed down with water.  Proper water saturation is necessary for the product to set up correctly. A professional hardscaper, mason, or landscaper should complete this. 

After your patio sand is swept, proper yard maintenance will keep your new outdoor area looking fresh and new! Although sand does drastically cut down on the grass, moss, and weeds that can grow in between your patio joints it is not a foolproof solution.  Be sure to keep your patio free of natural debris like leaves and grass clippings. The smallest amount of soil and water can allow grass will sprout up! Be sure to blow or weep off your patio area when completing your weekly yard maintenance.


Polymeric sand can be considered a patio renovation product as it can be power-washed out and new sand swept in its place and then be sealed along with your pavers.  The process of sealing will be discussed in an upcoming blog. 

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