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A retaining wall is a structure specially designed to retain and support soil to a slope that it would not typically keep to.

These walls are often created with relatively rigid materials such as stone, concrete or brick because it is important they manage to retain big pieces of soil and also that these walls can protect your property from any unwanted water runoff.


Retaining walls are necessary when you have a sloped yard and you need to level the surfaces in order to make better use of your property by adding some extra space and providing opportunities to create beautiful landscape designs containing structures like walkways o stairs for example.


Besides all of these, these solid walls serve a bigger purpose regarding the forces of nature, and in this case we will talk specially about two of them:


Protect your property from water runoffs: Either spring thaws or heavy rains can become a threat if you do not properly manage them. That's why it is crucial to have a retaining wall in order to protect your home from floods or unwanted humidity.


Shield your house from downhill erosion: if you have a dry soil and high winds on your area it is likely that you have soil erosion that can lead to damages and losing part of your land. A retaining wall is the best solution to prevent this by heading off downhill erosion.


If you consider that you may need a retaining wall to protect your property and make your land more usable but maybe you are not completely sure about wheter it is the best option or not, please give us a call and we will gladly guide you through the best option. We are experts building retaining walls but beyond this we want to provide you assistance so you can take the best decisions based on your needs and wants.


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