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Why is rendering important when designing a new space?

Gmoscape Contractor

Rendering is very important because it allows us to get a realistic image before  building the new outdoor space, this way we can communicate how the end result would look like and make decisions in regard to its development. It helps provide more details and avoid misunderstandings about what our customer really wants!


It is not always critical to have a render, it would depend either on the complexity of the project or the specific needs it has.


A render is the basis on which the engineers and the masons would use to start the project and communicate the ideas with the client in a more efficient and clear way.


3D rendering is an art itself but it is also a great tool for visual communication and it is a part of the design process. 


The Engineering Account Executive Marcus Weber said: "We often assume rendering as another post design or post-processing task. Rendering should clearly portray the mind map of the designer with the new idea"


This is why we consider super important, in most of the cases to make renders in order to communicate ideas and those little details that otherwise would be impossible to see.

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