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Ideas to add something different to your patio

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In the current architecture scenarios, the patio is considered the communication piece, connecting the interiors with a house's exteriors. It is a place with multiple advantages, such as the feeling of being in a green area, with furniture with softer design compositions, or with a beautiful children's play area. At this place, our minds can take a rest from the urban routine of the grey and tall concrete buildings that surround us. 

The general designs of the patios are divided in two. They can be a concept of covered space or an uncovered space, selecting each person's preferences. In architecture, experts handle a wide variety of styles of patios, whether they are central, interior, back patios, among others. 

The patios become a point of commercial addition when selling or acquiring property since construction with a terrace is considered a privilege that few in urban areas can have. 

Today we show you different ideas to add some things you've never thought of to your patio. 

All in one 

In this kind of design composition, there is a great variety of furniture such as a living room, a dining room, and an outdoor kitchen sharing the same space. The patio fittings follow the same design line, making the stage retain rhythm in its structure and layout. Rock walls give it a touch of sophistication, breaking with the belief that any construction with a stone in its list of materials will do something more rustic, evoking the countryside. 

High technology and sobriety 

The selection of modern appliances such as a flat-screen ideal for a soccer Sunday manages to give vitality and elegance to this space where the advantages of the design are mixed with the rustic chairs and tables of the dining room, creating a cozy space that invites guests and owners to spend a pleasant time. 

Kitchen bar 

The versatility of specific spaces helps the design composition to have an integrated kitchen bar. Play with the natural textures of wood and stone; a touch of stainless steel is ideal. 

Vegetation as the protagonist 

The planters harmonize with the green areas, managing to create prominence for the vegetation; it is advisable to develop a concept of open space furniture in white tones that helps to highlight the green areas of the space. 

Definition of space with a pergola 

In this view of the design, you can see a light distribution of architectural elements with a spectacular pergola that unifies and provides a basis for the composition of the exterior project. The mixtures of the different natural textures with the various points of light give modernism and romanticism, thus achieving a visual appeal where there are two types of trends, the colonial and the contemporary. 

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