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Top 4 landscape design trends

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When beautiful days are coming around,  it is the perfect time to organize a nice-looking patio. A terrace or landscaping will let you enjoy pleasant summer evenings. Planning a beautiful design for your backyard, you will want to spend more time outdoors with family and friends. Nowadays, considering that we are in-home quarantine, we want it to be easier to stay at home.

This renovation can therefore make you feel better at home, and it is an attractive investment. With the return on investment being 50% and considering it can increase depending on the maintenance. We, therefore, present to you the top 4 of the most creative landscaping ideas.

1. A fireplace to make your patio look like a chalet.

Consider setting up a paving stone space so you can roast marshmallows safely in your own backyard and have a semblance of chalet life. Remember, we have a free online calculator to see the estimated price for your paving stone patio!

2. How about we get out of the kitchen?

Increasingly popular, these outdoor kitchen layouts allow you to enjoy the good weather when you eat and during meal preparation. This adds a fairly interesting additional living space to your residence.

3. Outdoor terrace.

Enjoy the summer watching TV! After cooking outside, why not spend some time in your outdoor living room? With a large pergola or a 100% waterproof roof structure, it is possible to have a year-round outdoor living space where you can add furniture, cushions, and even a television during hot weather.

4. A terrace with a spa, why not?

Why installing a spa directly on the lawn when it can be well surrounded and more easily accessible by building a pavers patio around it? It is a very creative idea. Large, well-balanced, well-lit, and modern. Everything you need to welcome a visit!

To inspire you further, you can check our gallery of projects. Show your support by liking and sharing.

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