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The most beautiful climbing plants for your pergola

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In the garden, a pergola offers a space of relaxation, which makes all the difference. In this post, you will find some answers to the most common questions about climbing plants for your pergola and a selection of 5 plants to install on this structure. Let's start!

A pergola is an intermediary structure between the house and the garden. It creates a space dedicated to relaxation and conviviality. A garden lounge or a summer dining room is installed there so that you can have lunch or dinner there with family or friends. To style a pergola, we can dress it up with flowering plants with evergreen foliage. This way, it is possible to enjoy green space, and for a nice mix of colors, you can go for different plants.

How can you make the plants climb?

The plants used to dress up the pergola are climbers, therefore, they will develop on poles or stakes, and the branches and leaves will form a vegetal cover. It is also possible to create a vertical partition on one side of the pergola. This way, you can attenuate the prevailing wind.

To plant climbing plants near the pergola, you need to make a planting hole 20 to 30 cm from a pillar. It should be twice the size of the root ball. Work aged manure or compost into the soil at the bottom of the hole. Tilt the root ball towards its support and place a stake at an angle to guide the stem towards the pergola, then form a watering basin around the foot.

Which are the best climbing plants?

To enhance your pergola, you, first of all, think about choosing your plants. Indeed, some of them take longer and require more attention before reaching the desired extent. Conversely, other plants grow faster than others. This is the case of jasmine, vines, creepers; they have the advantage of multiplying and offering abundant flowering.


Pergola: questions you probably have.

To help you choose the plant that will enhance your pergola and your garden, ask yourself the right questions:

Do you prefer evergreen or deciduous foliage?

If the pergola is in front of your house, opt for deciduous foliage, the leaves will fall in winter to let in the light.

Flowers, leaves, or fruits?

Flowers and fruit will attract bees and wasps, so if you have lunch and dinner under your pergola, this is not always the best option, especially if your children are afraid of them.

Would you like fast-growing plants for a shaded pergola in the coming months? Is it freezing in your area?

You must think about whether in your area because it will impact the way your plant grows. 


Top 5 climbing plants + Bonus!

Now that we answered the most common questions let's see our Top 5 climbing plants + Bonus!

1. Golden hops

Golden hops offer generous leaves that proliferate. Thus, it is the ideal plant for very quickly covering the roof of a pergola. The foliage of this plant is green-yellow and turns almost golden in spring.

2. Wisteria

Wisteria multiplies and provides excellent coverage quickly. Indeed, it makes large clusters of flowers that fall from the roof, which produces an impressive bucolic result. However, wisteria does require maintenance because it can be very invasive.

3. Jasmine

Jasmine has evergreen foliage and is a gorgeous flower. It's very fragrant, so if you don't like the smell, don't overdo it on the pergola

4. Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is a covering, hardy plant that is resistant to low winter temperatures. Its leaves appreciate the sun, but its foot prefers shade, so it must be sheltered, with another plant or a slate, so that the plant can develop well. 

5. Clematis

The clematis is a delicate flower, which wraps beautifully around a rose bush or a vine, which dresses the pergola's posts. It must therefore be mixed with a climbing plant.

Bonus: Bougainvillea

The bougainvillea, with its sumptuous color palette, recalls the shores of the Mediterranean. Bougainvillea is native to warm climates and a fast grower who will be happy to quickly cover your pergola. These evergreen climbing plants add plenty of color and character to your yard.

We hope that you have found this helpful information to choose the best plant for your pergola. Don't forget to share with your friends!

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