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Add a Luxurious Poolscape to your backyard

Gmoscape Contractor

Here at Gmoscape Contractor LLC we are always thinking about the warm weather and working with our wonderful customers, even right before Christmas! We just experienced our 1st big snowstorm of the year and are dreaming about Summer…and that means pools! 

Designing a poolscape or pool patio is a great way to incorporate more space around your pool for your family and friends to enjoy when they are not swimming.  Concrete pavers are a great option for your pool patio as they are durable, low maintenance, and their layout can be designed to complement the shape and style of your pool and home! 

Pavers are durable, do not crack, and are chlorine resistant, so no need to worry about the material breaking down over time. 

And to show they are standing behind this durability many manufacturers provide warranty on their products. 

Pavers also provide good traction and will not grow algae or mildew, especially if they are protected with a sealer. This means your patio will be safe and not slippery even in the wet pool environment.  Additionally to ensure a fun & safe environment to be sure to choose a paver with rounded or bevelled edges to prevent tripping hazards. 

The normal maintenance for a pool patio is simply sweeping the area and rinsing off dirt and leaves. 

Like any other patio or walkway, polymeric sand and sealing maintenance should occur every 2-3 years to protect your investment. If there is an issue with a portion of your patio or a paver, the affected area can be removed and replaced easily without disturbing your whole patio. 

Simply have Gmoscape focus on the problem area it will quickly become a distant memory, as it can be reset or replaced without being noticeable, this is called spot replacement. 

Since pavers are available in a wide variety of colours, sizes and shapes your design can be customized to your aesthetic to match your home and style. In addition to your pool patio, consider sitting walls, pillars, or a fire pit to make the area around your pool multipurpose and dimensional. 

By using a mixture of pavers and colours, areas can be created to show their purposes such as grilling or lounging. 


Often larger designs like this are completed in multiple phases along with guidance from Gmo and his team!


Gmoscape’s design will complement the shape of your pool and enhance your backyard!

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